--> add in type=\"module\"\n"},{"text":"I instantly clicked like the moment he mentioned the course would be entirely using vanilla JS.\n"},{"text":"Imagine being as smart as this guy\n"},{"text":"I'm really excited that I'm getting to a point where I can watch this without a keyboard in front of me and follow along exactly without having to pause to reinforce a point. I'm also simultaneously furious at how seamlessly and effortlessly these refactors come to you.\n"},{"text":"13:30 I don't get it. I would say that one needs to multiply by deltaTime instead of dividing by... \n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Let's say my very slow computer takes 2 seconds to render each frame, making deltaTime twice as large as that from my friend's computer that renders 1 frame each second. With each call to update(), with the division, in my friend's computer this.position.x increases by 5, but in my computer it increases by just 2.5. The result is that the paddle moves 4 times slower for me!\n"},{"text":"Why there's no paddle in my local but appears with the same exact code in codesandbox?\n"},{"text":"This is by far the greatest introduction into game programming. It goes over the majority of concepts needed to be understood, and a great way to organize it. For those looking for improvement, this is a great game to experiment on, and even create a new game project from. All I can say is fantastic job, and keep up the good work!\n"},{"text":"This tutorial is awesome, GREAT JOB!\n"},{"text":"Hopefully, some day I'll get to this level of yours, nice, amazing tutorials, both design patterns and game dev playlist are awesome and of great help.Thanks for sharing this knowledge.\n"},{"text":"perfect tutorial! \n"},{"text":"looking forward creating simple game for sure.\n"},{"text":"thank you so much!!!!! i was stuck on player movement when trying to figure out this stuff by myself xD\n"},{"text":"If you're having trouble getting the paddle to draw, make sure you have type=\"module\" in the script tag in index.html\n"},{"text":"Loved this tutorial! Super clear and easy to follow. I downloaded a bunch of JavaScript game tutorials for a flight and this was by far the best one Thanks Chris!\n"},{"text":"Me: I'm gonna learn JS\n"},{"text":"Also me: can't get the paddle to draw even though I followed his instructions perfectly\n"},{"text":"ctx undefined in Paddle.js but have the function draw(ctx)\n"},{"text":"Why did the video do that at the beginning hahaha. I thought I was being abducted for a second.\n"},{"text":"Help: At the beginning when you are showing how to clear the screen you change the position of the 2nd square and it turns into a rectangle.\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"For me this square just moves and didn't need to code in the clear screen part. Why is this?\n"},{"text":"guys please explain this exprasion \"if (!deltaTime) return\", thank you)\n"},{"text":"This was a HUGE help to get started! THANKS :D\n"},{"text":"Great job Chris! Thank you for sharing this.\n"},{"text":"OOP so great, I always code javascript don't have ruled. It makes my code so messy\n"},{"text":"Good explanation and Clean Coding Style! Thank's a lot !\n"},{"text":"at 54:20 when he imports from collision detection the way he writes it is different from how he had been doing before, and in my codesandbox it couldn't detect it. So I changed it to \"/src/CollisionDetection\"; and it worked\n"},{"text":"I love this video really good job explaining everything\n"},{"text":"I've downloaded the .zip from that sandbox website and opened the index.html using all my browsers. It just showed a white box in Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome.\n"},{"text":"Does it still work in 2020?\n"},{"text":"Unexpected identifier (error) .hover i write it the same you ,it still have that problem\n"},{"text":"Can someone help, as soon as I start to do the export default/ import, the paddle never shows up. Also, \"ctx.fillStyle = '#f00';\n"},{"text":"ctx.fillRect(20, 20, 100, 100);\" to Index.js doesn't do anything anymore. It seems the exporting / importing isn't working / breaking everything. Also, I'm using Atom, so is it that I'm missing some packages or something??? Im a newbie newbie please someone help!\n"},{"text":"Hello, I have reproduced the exact same files on my PC in notepad++ and the folder hierarchy as well. However, the js is not loaded into the index.html file. Also, if trying to open any js file separately, I get a Micrososft Javascript complilation error: 800A03EA. I searched numerous forums and made many experiments in online compilers (even re-formatting the code so that I have just one JS file which includes all the code (in case the problem would be from the imports), but still did not manage to properly run it on my PC. Any tip would be of great help and thank you very much for sharing such quality content!\n"},{"text":"I still can't get the imports to work. It always says \"Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier\" and if I try to use the mentioned \"type=\"module\"\" to the \n"},{"text":"for vsCode users, I had to run the app on a live server as well. Also my imports all had to have a '.js' on the end :\n"},{"text":"import Ball from './ball.js'\n"},{"text":"Great video, thank you!\n"},{"text":"Doesnt work ! says ' canvas.getContext( '2d' ) is not a function (error message)'. Really talking\n"},{"text":"Would love to see a video using Phaser 3.\n"},{"text":"Type error: unable to get property of X of undefined or null reference, what does that even mean\n"},{"text":"I have an error with \n"},{"text":"import Paddle from '/src/paddle'\n"},{"text":"Great tutorial. Thanks, Chris.\n"},{"text":"Thanks man, i really did not like javaScript, creating games in it is helpin me study this language. =)\n"},{"text":"I don't understand the \"lasttime\" and the \"timestamp\"...it's the JS's API?\n"},{"text":"@31 minutes in, how does setting this.speed.x to -3 change to positive 3 when this.position.x is less than 0? When this condition is met, the x.speed is currently set to -3, so how does setting it back to -3 make it positive 3? Thank you.\n"},{"text":"When I try to load the black box, I get this message in my console:\n"},{"text":"GET file:///C:/Users/13159/Documents/FreeCodeRPG/src/rpg.js net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND\n"},{"text":"31:45 ???\n"},{"text":"I've got a question.\n"},{"text":"How come you declared the InputHander just once and it keeps handling any key pressed ?\n"},{"text":"If this video taught me one thing.....\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"its that I DONT know Javascript\n"},{"text":"Thanks for this great turorial, very cool\n"},{"text":"For the ones having difficulty displaying the paddle. use\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"and \n"},{"text":"import Paddle from \"/paddle.js\";\n"},{"text":"This tutorial is awesome in terms of game development but also with the updated Javascript features, it deserves more comments.\n"},{"text":"Name typo in video description. Right on top of the channel link.\n"},{"text":"I also had import/export issues. I attempted some things suggested in the comments by another user with no success. \n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"I draw a rectangle without the import line (commented out): success\n"},{"text":"I draw a rectangle with the import line (not commented out): fail; the rectangle doesn't draw\n"},{"text":"Hi there\n"},{"text":"What's the best way to get back to the Menu screen, and restart the game after you've lost all lives?\n"},{"text":"This is not for complete beginners i guess damn!\n"},{"text":"i just finished basic JS and then I watched this. I got nothing after 1 hour...can I get refund??\n"},{"text":"12:16 This is clearly not the reason.\n"},{"text":"JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language, i.e. all the code runs on that thread by default.\n"},{"text":"if you put somewhere, without a breakpoint:\n"},{"text":"while (true) {\n"},{"text":"Once I started doing the import export of the class Paddle, it wouldn't show the paddle on the screen. Not sure what to do\n"},{"text":"Which tutorial will teach me about classes?\n"},{"text":"I put \n"},{"text":"let ctx = canvas.getContext(\"2d\")\n"},{"text":"but i keep getting the error\n"},{"text":"Cannot read property 'getContext' of null\n"},{"text":"I fixed the import issues by chaging it from 'src/paddle';\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"to /paddle.js;\n"},{"text":"Coolest javascript video that I have encountered!\n"},{"text":"If you’re a beginner coder using JavaScript I recommend using khan academy’s coding platform because you can look at codes and what they do and you can also click on them to see them in action in other peoples code and you can mess with there code if you remix it and see what it does\n"},{"text":"I know this video is two years old, but it should still work right?\n"},{"text":"No, it doesn't i even downloaded it and it didn't work, is my computer broken?\n"},{"text":"I never could get this to work. So frustrating!\n"},{"text":"Great job man!\n"},{"text":"If you are developing in a local environment and using a browser to visualize the results, does not forget to put type=\"module\" in your ) and my import code in index.js is correct (import Paddle from 'js/paddle.js';) but I keep getting:\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Access to script at \"mymachine/js/index.js\" from origin 'null' has been blocked by CORS policy: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https \n"},{"text":"Literally nothing is working for me.\n"},{"text":"I've followed every step, but when I start up the codesandbox all the text is in red from the start.\n"},{"text":"Anyone who's got time to help me sort this out? Trying to learn this from scratch is frustrating\n"},{"text":"You wasted 30 mins of my life trying to figure out how the heck can i download vanilla.js so i can do the tutorial on VSCode just to realize its a joke to state that the same plain javascript is boring.\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Edit: I am new to all this thats why i was so confused....\n"},{"text":"distance = speed * time not speed/time... please fix that formula\n"},{"text":"Hello,\n"},{"text":"I followed your tutorial but I am not using sandbox Editor but Dreamweaver. When I try to import the paddle.js to index.js it gives me an error said: \"ERROR: Parsing error: The keyword 'import' is reserved\". I would like to ask if this error happens because I am not using Sandbox Editor? I would be glad if you know the reason why this error occurs. Thank you!\n"},{"text":"Is there a better way to load in images?\n"},{"text":"Or is there a way to make img tags not show on load?\n"},{"text":"Where did you get the images?\n"},{"text":"would you upload this video but with reactJS\n"},{"text":"can it work in sublime text\n"},{"text":"When did Kenneth from 30 Rock learn to code??\n"},{"text":"hey, next time explainw what and how things are working. If i wanted to copy and paste code I would of went into stack overflow. Try to put the time and effort into explaining what is happening instead of dumping code on us. And saying what a line of text is doing doesnt mean you're explaining the general ideas behind it, and also the theory.\n"},{"text":"Why the timestamp in the function at 15:42 ? it is only a parameter, but never set equal to anything\n"},{"text":"Couldn't get the exporting and importing to work at about 10:00 for some reason. Ended up including links for both files on the index.html.\n"},{"text":"Best tutorial for beginners thanks\n"},{"text":"Very nice!! Thanks!\n"},{"text":"Do I need to code in that Code Sandbox because my code will not fetch the '2d' \n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Specifically:\n"},{"text":"use context instead of ctx if youre using visual studio code btw\n"},{"text":"why mine doesnt need clear scr to clear it\n"},{"text":"ctx.fillRect(this.position.x, this.position.y, this.width, this.height); just wont work pls help the problems pop up in the bottom right says its the problem\n"},{"text":"Does my index.js file have to be a UTF-8? Do both files have to be UTF-8?\n"},{"text":"Well very nice video and you have put a lot of effort for beginners to learn game development. But i am little bit confused that if you have game engines like Unity and Unreal. then would a person spends his/her time on just drawing items on screen through code? like you do all these things in just few mints (2-3 mints). I am saying anything bad about your video. though i have watched almost full video. but i am still not getting it.\n"},{"text":"Did anyone manage to achieve a good collision result with bricks on the X axis? I kept trying to but still didn't get it. It seems to only count collision on X axis with the walls on left and right.\n"},{"text":"play at 1.25 speed to save time\n"},{"text":"Cool. Thanks.\n"},{"text":"Sir, is it necessary to use code sandbox?\n"},{"text":"where can i get brick image ?\n"},{"text":"Does anyone do this as purely a hobby?\n"},{"text":"My canvas doesn’t even show up\n"},{"text":"Thank u for this awesome video\n"},{"text":"great video!!👌👍\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"just for information : \n"},{"text":"My brick is not showing up (@45:31). I've checked my syntax. Not sure why it's not showing up.\n"},{"text":"At 36:44 my paddle is gone and i have no idea how to fix it.\n"},{"text":"Great tutorial\n"},{"text":"Any chance of a link to a more in-depth description of the delta time and the animated frame? Not sure I fully get it. Nice video though\n"},{"text":"@54:05, let topOfObject = gameObject.position.y; iso here gameObject position y ? what it will be as gameObject is an Array of three iteams, so each item (this.ball, this.paddle and brick) but be considered equal to topof object? any help appreciated\n"},{"text":"I copied the text exactly but I don’t see a border, please help.\n"},{"text":"Edit: Also, I keep getting a “canvas is null” error. The paddle shows up for a moment but just as soon as I make any sort of update it vanished and I get the error\n"},{"text":"LITTLE BROWSER STYLE\n"},{"text":"There's a mistake at 13:20. That should obviously be this.position.x += 5 * deltaTime;\n"},{"text":"if this code isnt working for you put the style for gamescreen in the html inside the canvas element not by itself in the title...\n"},{"text":"At 10:01, how do you draw the paddle without defining the ctx.fillStyle?\n"},{"text":"How do you make the canvas without html\n"},{"text":"min 5:08 // Hi thanks for the tutorial, in my project seems like there's not need to clear, I don't understand why your canvas reproduce that kind of latency and not in mine, is there any explanation for that?, Thanks.\n"},{"text":"can you tell me any tips for learning javascript and what websites you may have used? Thanks!\n"},{"text":"why cant i import\n"},{"text":"can i use visual studio code as a editor ?\n"},{"text":"the stabilization\n"},{"text":"Python3 tutorial part2 please\n"},{"text":"Excellent thankyou\n"},{"text":"Increase font size can't see anything\n"},{"text":"Get used to the word \"this\". its everywhere.\n"},{"text":"my code isn't working even when copying his html one to mine... bah...\n"},{"text":"why does replacing paddle with an image(using the same kind of code used in ball.js for example) give out \"Failed to execute 'drawImage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': The provided value is not of type\" . It's fine first time on autorefresh but if u then manually refresh it breaks.\n"},{"text":"Excellent tutorial. I have learnt so much from this, not only about game development but JavaScript also. Coding along with a project like this is a great way to learn. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this video, it is much appreciated.\n"},{"text":"1st one watching\n"},{"text":"Problem with freecodecamp tutorial is tat the screen is too tiny can't even view properly on my smartphone ..... It's also difficult to see on my monitor screen .....\n"},{"text":"https://github.com/KarthikNedunchezhiyan/Multilevel-Ballbrick-Game\n"},{"text":"Got to about 28:28 --- and my entire game disappeared and the Pall and Paddle classes are saying there is an unused declaration for deltaTime? I'm super confused ... I have no idea what I did!?\n"},{"text":"i tryed this for the objectlist... works also\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":" for (let i in this.gameObjects){\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":" this.gameObjects[i].update(deltatime);\n"},{"text":"I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why it said the canvas was \"null\". Turns out it was because of a space I put in between the equal sign, and the value I was defining....\n"},{"text":"I don't get a thing: you pass the deltaTime in the update() function of the Paddle as a parameter, but you don't actually divide by it anywhere, like you did in the example. Does it work just like that? I mean, does it work just the way you explained in the beginning? Can somebody please help me with this?\n"},{"text":"Also, the paddle's not coming to the center.\n"},{"text":"20:00:00 omg look\n"},{"text":"Groovy grails tutorial please..\n"},{"text":"Actually, you don't need ctx.clearRect anymore because the screen automatically updates in Code Sandbox.\n"},{"text":"I followed the tutorial correctly. I typed my code the same as his. But why won't my paddle move? (issue started from 19:17) Someone, please help me. (Issue in the tutorial: Moving the paddle, 17:56- 21:35)\n"},{"text":"my canvas isn't being drawn???\n"},{"text":"In a choice between canvas and p5.js, which is more suited for making web based games and why?\n"},{"text":"I keep having this \"Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null\". Any help\n"},{"text":"What is your wpm\n"},{"text":"Question: Why does having the if statements at 22:54 make the paddle not stutter?\n"},{"text":"Wow\n"},{"text":"Can't get my imports and exports to work for some reason??\n"},{"text":"For anyone who cannot get past the first 5 min of the vid:\n"},{"text":"Do not use import/export, unless your browser allows it or you use the same ide as he does. Just do the normal at the end. The JS code got executed before the HTML was loaded.\n"},{"text":"h\n"},{"text":"You haven't learned how to record a Programming video tutorial :(\n"},{"text":"That mouse pointer is highly distracting and annoying\n"},{"text":"You should Maximize the the font when u're make the video. That's the Common sense. Disappointed freecodecamp\n"},{"text":"I have question: Why Ruby is so overlooked when the language has the best design? I mean lots of stuff introduced in ES6+, Java 8+ even Python were already built-in in Ruby no one can deny Martz is the best lang designer!\n"},{"text":"Relieve to hear that this video does not contain Indian accent.\n"},{"text":"Thank you just made my Day. I just get into APIs and this is the best start I have.\n"},{"text":"This video was absolutely AWESOME!!! He did it slow enough to keep up with and explained how and why everything worked. Definitely subscribe and watch.\n"},{"text":"I'm trying to use pure JavaScript without jQuery. So, I'm trying to use fetch and promise. But how should I pass the option to the fetch request?\n"},{"text":"Hi, what is the limit for how many api calls users can make before they start charging please and how would you go about charging people who use your app? Thanks\n"},{"text":"Thank you for sharing your experience. Excellent tutorial, understandable explanation. Good work.\n"},{"text":"great vid! but doesn't this expose your API key and everything? how does one prevent that? would one have to make the API-queries server-side?\n"},{"text":"If you wanted the videos to always be updating how would you do that? I'm assuming API calls to some database where you hold your videos?\n"},{"text":"Very good tutoriel video. I learned a lot. Great Youtube presentator: clear voice and good presentation speed.\n"},{"text":"I run into an issue at \"$.getJSON(URL, options, function (data) {\" when I put an alert(\"test\"); piece in to check if it is being hit, it is not (but it is hitting right before it).\n"},{"text":"Hey, \n"},{"text":"I want to ask a question. How can i use getCurrentTime and getDuration functions in this way?\n"},{"text":"I have to admit that I love the explanation! Awesome stuff!\n"},{"text":"Nice, and thanks. It's always fun to see what else you can do with the data from an api request. Also, question: I had this issue and duplicated it on your example pen.. when scrolling through the list, when it reaches a certain point (seems like about where those elements would hit the top of the page behind the main vid) it causes the main vid to disappear?\n"},{"text":"In css I had to do my hover like this. article:hover { border: 2px solid #ff9999; }\n"},{"text":"awsome videos I followed and made one. Thanks for the Tut, I'll watch for more.\n"},{"text":"Loved your video a lot bro. Keep continuing this work\n"},{"text":"You shouldn't be using 'var' anymore.\n"},{"text":"Thank you for making this video.\n"},{"text":"Fantastic video...very helpful...thanks for making it. Much appreciated!!!!\n"},{"text":"I see now, that duplicate the video data.\n"},{"text":"Hey can help me with this my main video and thumb disappear. After the Loop\n"},{"text":"Amazing\n"},{"text":"Hey can help me with this my main video thumb disappear. After the Loop\n"},{"text":"Best API video I have watched. thumbs up bro.\n"},{"text":"Thanks. Good work!\n"},{"text":"Super! Thanks a lot!\n"},{"text":"great job. helped me a lot.\n"},{"text":"Awesome.\n"},{"text":"I did it ! Thx man\n"},{"text":"You rock man!!\n"},{"text":"thanks for telling\n"},{"text":"how many of you followed what he said and still don't really quite get what's going on?? 😞\n"},{"text":"does the api allow for a post to comment?\n"},{"text":"please guys I have a problem , I got only one item that contains the information of the playlist\n"},{"text":"https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/docs/\n"},{"text":"Can we play youtube private videos using this method ?\n"},{"text":"Am I the only one with a GET 400 error?\n"},{"text":"Please make an app with sidemenu and complete responsive..\n"},{"text":"right on point, no nonsense comment the same as other weirdos. but where is the next video just about APIs?thanks\n"},{"text":"What editor is that? It looks very helpful. Thank you for this video!\n"},{"text":"May you Tell Us ......How To Make Instagram and Facebook Apk also....\n"},{"text":"Great video. Very easy to follow.\n"},{"text":"Hi ...nice video ..how do you create your cartoon logo? What is the app?\n"},{"text":"Your logo link has broken\n"},{"text":"Man, you saved my life. Thank you.\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"With love from Russia <3\n"},{"text":"How i can solve this problem?\n"},{"text":"Really awesome video\n"},{"text":"he made it so simple....but watch it at 1.25x speed ..lol\n"},{"text":"U must use ` quotation marks, not simple single ' or double \". it's called string templates. yet simple quotes can work in some browsers, but ll not work in others. So it's a bad practice\n"},{"text":"Sir I'm new to Android developing and coding...\n"},{"text":"Whether this code is for android studio ?\n"},{"text":"Very helpful, simple, and easy to follow. Thanks to the guy who suggested 1.25x speed.\n"},{"text":"Its not working\n"},{"text":"Completed! Soon my ultimate youtube interface will be complete (:\n"},{"text":"Nice\n"},{"text":"Great video, do you like Framework7 ?\n"},{"text":"Give the name of this editor\n"},{"text":"Bro can you please tell your software setup and required priminities to be done.\n"},{"text":"Damn 1hr too bad bro\n"},{"text":"You should zoom out so that we can see the code as a whole.\n"},{"text":"i am new here i need your help i need YouTube channel verify my webmaster... how?\n"},{"text":"Love the video! It inspired me to make my own channel! I Do website development tutorials and web app tutorials! I really enjoyed the video. It taught me a lot, I aspire to one day help someone with development like you!\n"},{"text":"for those stuck at the 3:19:00 mark, \"compose\" is no longer part of react-apollo. So do this:\n"},{"text":"1. exit with ctrl+c\n"},{"text":"2. type \"npm install lodash.flowright --save\" or \"yarn add lodash.flowright\"\n"},{"text":"3. enter \"import { flowRight as compose } from 'lodash';\" at the top\n"},{"text":"If you are having issues around 2:41:00, after the CORS package is enabled, use\n"},{"text":"app.use(cors()) \n"},{"text":"instead of app.use(cors). \n"},{"text":" i.e invoke the cors function.\n"},{"text":"I had watched several videoes for graphQL, I have to say this is so far the best ... actually best of the best ... very easy to understand and instruction is so clear ... thank you!!!! I have watched 30% and I have convinced myself to commit the time and complete the whole tutorial... thank for so much!\n"},{"text":"Awesome, awesome course!!! I just finished it today (took about 2 weeks with my available time), and it's definitely one of the best courses I've taken. Thank you for this material!!\n"},{"text":"mongoose connection as of 2019-10-22:\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"mongoose.connect(, {\n"},{"text":" useNewUrlParser: true,\n"},{"text":"I paid for a course on this topic at udemy, and this is 1000 times better. For free! Thanks a lot. Great content.\n"},{"text":"Amazing tutorial. Just to mention, given that we're in 2020 now, I used React hooks instead of Class Components to setup and manage states, and it took me fraction of the time of doing the equivelant in the tutorial. Still interesting to see how it's done using the old way (Class Components). Many thanks for the tutorial.\n"},{"text":"VSCode is all you need!!!\n"},{"text":"When you don't feel like hitting the enter key a bunch of times…\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"npm init --y\n"},{"text":"What have I learned in this video:\n"},{"text":"almost the whole GraphQL\n"},{"text":"also the word gobbledygook\n"},{"text":"Hahahaha I finished that course yesterday jajajaj, the net ninja is a awesome man!\n"},{"text":"great tutorial! I'll recommend to upgrade it to react hooks instead of using class components because the latest version of apollo isn't compatible with!\n"},{"text":"Love how Brits pronounce HTTP as 'Hedge TTP' lmao\n"},{"text":"This tutorial is SO great. very clear and spells out all the details and then some. so glad I found this!\n"},{"text":"57:55 nice vibrato (jokes aside, thanks for this amazing tutorial; it's incredibly well explained)\n"},{"text":"This course is amazing! You're a great teacher.\n"},{"text":"The Compose method at 3:15:00 was removed from react-apollo and you will get an error. The solution is to install \"loadash.flowright\" (npm install lodash.flowright) and then you need to go to the AddBook.js and at the top \"Import * as compose from 'loadash.flowright' \"\n"},{"text":"Great language, Great tutorial! You actually make me smile a lot of time during this wonderful course)) Thanks!\n"},{"text":"Wow! Thank you for this! Now I can watch Shaun Pelling's GraphQL Series in 1 video, haha!\n"},{"text":"No even 30 minutes in and I am already learning and excited to watch the whole thing! Great job and thank you!\n"},{"text":"I am a GraphQL + ReactJS addict!\n"},{"text":"thank you for this most enjoyable tutorial\n"},{"text":"I recommended my GF for netninjas django course. she loved it. thanks man.\n"},{"text":"Shaun is my most favorite teacher so far. :D\n"},{"text":"awesome video sir, well done. Helped me a lot with grandstack for work. Maybe you can go deeper on grandstack once too.\n"},{"text":"One of the best online tutorial on the internet. This helped me a lot. Thank you.\n"},{"text":"Thanks, I made a refactor of the code with react hooks taht you can see it in my github :3\n"},{"text":"@1:24:12 is one of my favorite parts so far... the closure around the value of fields is so brilliant by design. <3\n"},{"text":"Huge thanks for this series! I had previous experience extended an existing GraphQL server at work, exposing new endpoints and writing resolvers, but this was a really coherent, well-explained set of lessons that helped me understand how the many pieces fit together.\n"},{"text":"That was amazing. Great job!\n"},{"text":"Great tutorial! Followed along with the whole thing! I wish you would have covered all of CRUD and added the updating and destroying parts as well but that shouldn't be difficult at all with this set up. 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Made lots of useful notes:).\n"},{"text":"Thank you so much..You put so much effort to make us understand.\n"},{"text":"For People getting error @ 57:57 in GraphIQL UI. Error \"message\": \"_ is not defined\"\n"},{"text":"Solution=> \n"},{"text":"Step 1) npm install underscore\n"},{"text":"Step 2) Add ` var _ = require(\"underscore\"); ` in schema.js\n"},{"text":"Within the first 3 minutes, you demonstrate very impressively that you haven't understood anything about REST in the first place. This is really sad as it destroys any kind of confidence that you actually made an effort to understand GraphQL any better than that. It's totally possible that you do and that I'm missing out on something great by looking for a different tutorial. I'll have to do that, though, as I am perfectly capable to admit that I don't know a lot about GraphQL and I sure as hell can't tell if what you're telling me makes sense or not.\n"},{"text":"The best tutorial of GraphQL. 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() and “” being used however I don’t understand the reasoning why you use them sometimes I see double brackets sometimes triply speech marks and a dot in between two words or an underscore between two words I can’t get my head around when you need to use these and why.. is this something you just memorise ? Really need help because I just don’t understand why all these different types of “punctuation” is used, I could be writing some code but then wonder do I need an underscore .. do I need a dot... do I need to sets of brackets.. do I even need brackets, you get the point\n"},{"text":"what is the name of this editor?\n"},{"text":"Pls which IDE are you using. 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I mean I know what 20px is but what is that 1.2?\n"},{"text":"From 6:39\n"},{"text":"Very nice video! Congrats!\n"},{"text":"Can you give the link to download the software you are using to code ?\n"},{"text":"I can't seem to get the grid columns to work in Notepad ++. Basically around 9:20.\n"},{"text":"I can't seem to get the grid columns to work in Notepad ++. Basically around 9:20.\n"},{"text":"fiz tudo certinho mas a imagem de background nao vai por nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa\n"},{"text":"Help :root won't turn into other color\n"},{"text":"Hello sir can I ask you what text editor are you using?\n"},{"text":"thx a lot m8\n"},{"text":"My html file does not produce any output because of the debug.css......need help\n"},{"text":"Just use bootstrap grid\n"},{"text":"Where is the cosmos video\n"},{"text":"Thank you very much. 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It may be worth putting an addendum in the description to save some other folks the trouble of digging up how get past this first step.\n"},{"text":"Very clear to understand thanks\n"},{"text":"Thank you very much for this helpful overview of D3 sir. But one quick note: 17:32 The y-axis is going through the (0,0) point. That may need some fixing. Cheers ^_^\n"},{"text":"I was typing every code, till the last section with API. Then I mentioned this https://scrimba.com/g/gd3js below in the description. It's a lot clear to see that and interact in scrimba.\n"},{"text":"If there is anyone reading comments and didn't start to watch GO TO LINK in the description.\n"},{"text":"Thanks for this ! 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Terrible\n"},{"text":"What is the IDE used?\n"},{"text":"I'm trying to use V5 for a binary tree, just by chance do you know of an example of tree with V5?\n"},{"text":"Hello why was there bracket wrapping barWidth variables like [barWidth * i, 0], even though it is neigther array nor rendered in HTML?\n"},{"text":"how to color individual bar column in bar chart?\n"},{"text":"Very nice content for beginners..\n"},{"text":"what is that ide?\n"},{"text":"My graph isnt showing??? any help guys??\n"},{"text":"Axes should be Axis?\n"},{"text":"Its a nice introductory video, but its a bit annoying that it is divided into these very small sections, and that each small section has an intro and an outro (in the previous lesson bla bla bla) ...\n"},{"text":"Useful\n"},{"text":"6:39 and 9:00 explanation of enter() is not very informative\n"},{"text":"Small correction: plural of axis is axes (pronounced: ak-seez) not axises. 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Thank you regardless!\n"},{"text":"thats fast typing :)\n"},{"text":"The URL ends with 'es' nice'\n"},{"text":"I got a nice satisfying *that just clicked in my brain moment*, thanks!\n"},{"text":"Good video, little hint here: you can just write down npm init -y and it will generate for you default package.json without answering questions\n"},{"text":"2:20 that's how computer respond to my code😣.\n"},{"text":"Love the video, thanks :\n"},{"text":"What frustrates me more as each day passes on is that every single time, I start a project, even if its just doodling (if you know what I mean)\n"},{"text":"I have to go through this same motion every single time.\n"},{"text":"Thanks for that, helped me to a lot! ^^\n"},{"text":"The integrated terminal is looking great. What configuration did you use to have those colors??\n"},{"text":"Nice, clean, and to the point! Excellent intro tutorial!\n"},{"text":"One of the best videos about eslint\n"},{"text":"Amazing,very useful, thank you.Kindly make video for redux js.\n"},{"text":"please can anybody suggest me how to install, initialize and use ESLint only, I am new to coding and this video just frustrates with things that I don't know but I must learn\n"},{"text":"1:14 npm init -y instead\n"},{"text":"Thank's a lot!!\n"},{"text":"i dont know what that last part was meant for, starting at around 8:00.\n"},{"text":"Hi, can you help me with a problem in ESLINT?\n"},{"text":"When I activate 'formatOnSave' in VSCode and save my modifications, every time the editor removes the space before a parentheses in a function definition (or, precisely, at 'methods' and 'computeds' objects in VueJs) and I need this space to work with my Lint (Standard). \n"},{"text":"it's not working on sublime text, i's not highlighting anything\n"},{"text":"cool breakbeat intro\n"},{"text":"very clear demonstration, thanks\n"},{"text":"Great tutorial thanks\n"},{"text":"Why did we add lint to scripts in package.json? How does it help?\n"},{"text":"that colors in the terminal. how can i get it?\n"},{"text":"It's ok if you just watch it but if you want to follow along with coding that is waaaay too fast. Constant pausing and rewinding is so distracting and frustrating that it actually makes the whole video pointless. IMHO, if you're supposed to teach someone something you shouldn't act as if it was some kind of race. There's no prize for whoever finishes their lesson first. After 3 min I decided to just watch it and watching without doing is not very helpful in learning.\n"},{"text":"Also, ESLint can automatically fix a huge number of errors for '--fix' command. Example: npm run lint --fix. In this case, you do not need to change code by yourself.\n"},{"text":"I love it. Tho I'd like to know if is there a way to config it as a built-in functionality on vscode? I wanna use it on all my projects but I don't actually like the idea of having it as a dev dependency.\n"},{"text":"It would be interesting to know about your typing flow! Not only speed but shortcuts, layout, etc.\n"},{"text":"How did the for loop pop up so fast? What is the name of that sorcery ?\n"},{"text":"Very useful video!\n"},{"text":"manso aporte hermano mio!\n"},{"text":"Very good! thanks\n"},{"text":"Would prefer to see the windows full screen, rather than waste half the view with you waving your hands about in that annoying, distracting manner... You could learn a lot from Traversy Media in terms of presentation.\n"},{"text":"The server says 'Here's my number, call me maybe' haha\n"},{"text":"I like the mentor but i have left after 10 mins, feel you shouldnt add CSS to the mix until later on. Fundamentals missing at the html start. Sorry\n"},{"text":"
should be placed in the
you can not put header above sections!\n"},{"text":"the purple background doesn't show up on mine, 'tada'! Thanks though.\n"},{"text":"That moment when html5 is the only thing you understand...it also happens to be the easiest thing to understand :\\\n"},{"text":"if you want to kind of understand this you absolutely need to view the 2 hours HTML course\n"},{"text":"This ain't working on my scrimba and my editor,\n"},{"text":"You forgot to show us how you created CSS\n"},{"text":"- Intro to web architecture (0:00)\n"},{"text":"- HTML documents (4:25)\n"},{"text":"- Nesting (7:19)\n"},{"text":"- Head elements and scripts (11:23)\n"},{"text":"More please. Finally some usefull video for noobs. Thank you!\n"},{"text":"21:30 you didn't use the ending slash on your link or meta tags ( ) because those are not needed in HTML5 but you are using it on your tag apparently? I learned on HTML 4.01 about 20 years ago so I was brushing up on my HTML5 specific things here and this could be confusing to beginners who never did HTML 4.01 or XHTML/Strict HTML\n"},{"text":"How did he select the tags and replace them with all at once? Is there a keyboard shortcut I should be aware of? Thanks for the great info!\n"},{"text":"Can someone tell me \"Where can I get index.js?\"\n"},{"text":"Very Useful...U guys are doing a great work\n"},{"text":"This isn't new beginner friendly, least it wasn't for me. Went to scrimba, this does not work one bit.\n"},{"text":"Useless.\n"},{"text":"I have properly downloaded the code of index.css and linked the index.css file in the head section still no styles showing why?\n"},{"text":"Sir i type exactly as shown in the video . The part of nesting one in notepads but after opening in a browser the color didn't appear but only that hello world came out.\n"},{"text":"You forgot to edit some parts, where you say the same sentence several times. Especially around 24:00 where you introduce the figcaption twice, and 26:30.\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"For someone like me who already knows HTML and just wanted to see what's new in HTML5, there are too many details for beginners.\n"},{"text":"You did it great man! thank you\n"},{"text":"index.css doesn't work as in the video. \n"},{"text":"I linked properly and checked with my own css syntax but , once I replace with given css , it doesn't work properly.. Resetting works but not colors.\n"},{"text":"Thank you , ♥\n"},{"text":"Learnt some news tags. Good tutorial!\n"},{"text":"Day 3 of becoming a web developer. I thoroughly completed another HTML basics video and have logged 8.5 hours of practice. Every hours goes by really fast! I also found myself spending my free time looking at cool websites, cool HTML, and writing down creative website ideas of my own that I will pursue after I learn the basics. Very fun!\n"},{"text":"CSS doesnt work on pc localhost. how can I fix it?\n"},{"text":"thank you for eforts :)\n"},{"text":"Really appreciated the documentation you provided earlier. Great video with resources. Thanks!\n"},{"text":"what the name of this program you work on it i need to download it , thanks\n"},{"text":"Do you know any application what can help for exercise html in Android\n"},{"text":"May I know what text editor u are using\n"},{"text":"how come when you link it to the css it changes the format or the design of the web page without coding the css? or u already prepared the css document for the data you input in the video??\n"},{"text":"How do you move blocks of text like that :D\n"},{"text":"Video starts at 6:00\n"},{"text":"This tutorial is so bad. Skips relevant information, combines knowledge of html/css/js without explaining the logic. the code looks different from lesson to lesson without addresssing the changes. The CSS information is totally ignored but he makes use of that code to beautify his website while explaining nothing of it. If you're starting with this video as a first tutorial, better start with something else because i feel like I have to pause every 10 seconds to check my code and knowledge fits his. In a way it's good that I have to put that extra work into figuring out the solution to my own code problems, but I feel like this is a crash course without too many explanations and that could discourage people.\n"},{"text":"he speak none stop hhhhh is make a noise in my ears\n"},{"text":"At 8:13 what do you use to make it sync directly with the browser when saving the document? Is it the extention VSCode Browser Sync? I can't get mine to work and I think it is due to this requirement: \"A web server supports proxy\". I wonder if you are maybe using something else? I really would love if mine could work too. :)\n"},{"text":"Make more videos like this. This is awesome!\n"},{"text":"Hello! What kind of Editor are you using?\n"},{"text":"intro (1:30)\n"},{"text":"will this cover every basic thing in html\n"},{"text":"Hi. I've been trying to do the first part of the tutorial about nesting and every time I try to type out the command, the background color doesn't show up my website and I'm getting frustrated. What am I doing wrong?\n"},{"text":"Very useful 👍Thank you\n"},{"text":"what's the aplication are you using on this video to write the code??\n"},{"text":"which software do you work on? Atom?\n"},{"text":"what text editor do you use\n"},{"text":"great crash course, simple and useful.\n"},{"text":"Sir u dnt show css or Java script code and result that shows in this video us also use both codes without these we can't make same interface plz how I can do this\n"},{"text":"is it right to use
?\n"},{"text":"why aren't you showing the CSS and javaScript files so we see whats actually going on and what elements you are using\n"},{"text":"Why was there no edit on the video ? Look not edited very much\n"},{"text":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUirY8E_Cv4\n"},{"text":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUirY8E_Cv4\n"},{"text":"How ll be get contact derails on mail in htlm\n"},{"text":"Informative\n"},{"text":"the only way this works is doing it from the scrimba and getting your css from there\n"},{"text":"Should i learn js first?\n"},{"text":"Awesome , please provide source code of website which is made in this video\n"},{"text":"This course is not focusing on just html 5. It also talks about css and JavaScript. I believe this will creates confusion to people who are new to html 😐\n"},{"text":"I thought HTML5 nullified JS?\n"},{"text":"your teaching crap at least show us the css file that i can follow you with the same styling ...... wac lecture\n"},{"text":"Took me a while to realize, but this course does not claim to be an HTML course, but an HTML5 course. This video shows you the new features of HTML5, so you should better be familiar with HTML, CSS and JS. Using this paradigm, this course is actual quite enjoyable. (Had to remove my thumbs down)\n"},{"text":"i think this great video on youtube ....i hope next time we got a better than video ....so i pay for you ...thank you....\n"},{"text":"Thanks for the video\n"},{"text":"which editor is this??\n"},{"text":"Where i can write this codes ? and how ???\n"},{"text":"I wouldn't say this is a beginner course. It's more of a code along. If teaching html why confuse people with css styling etc? 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But I could properly put an image in it and an image viewer on Linux would show it perfectly whilst Windows would have an field day with it.\n"},{"text":"Why can't I see the css? JS? Because it's an HTML 5 course, maybe?\n"},{"text":"Is HTML difficult for a beginner\n"},{"text":"Is this all thats there to be learned in HTML??\n"},{"text":"what text editor is he using?\n"},{"text":"But I wanna know something, If we have tamplates ready, and with html we make statiques websites, why do we learn html? we just need to use wix or wordpress to make them without the need to learning the html language, can anyone explain it to me? I hope I explained my self well\n"},{"text":"Looks like a nice site... but it seems like it won't work without the css and we don't see the css right?\n"},{"text":"Worst video ever. Please remove the video or change the title. Wasted my time.\n"},{"text":"Thanx dude\n"},{"text":"Are there any benefits of using section/article/main/nav/article tags instead of divs? Is it for SEO to help identify the content, or do browsers render these differently in any way?\n"},{"text":"Is this Visual studio code ? because my codes don't work\n"},{"text":"He has the index.css in the description \n"},{"text":"But this course is not for beginers not at all\n"},{"text":"how to make navbar and list item i am try and try but dont\n"},{"text":"wonderful\n"},{"text":"olaf?\n"},{"text":"but why you didn't show the code of css and js file here?\n"},{"text":"where is index.css ?\n"},{"text":"Hello Eric, this is not really ideal for a beginner. The provide index.css link does not correlate\n"},{"text":"with the training project! Could you please supply the actual index.css file used in the course and if needed also the index.js?\n"},{"text":"I'm CONFUSED ! HTML , CSS are for website design . Adobe InDesign is for \n"},{"text":"website design . InDesign is very more fast to do it , HTML - CSS are \n"},{"text":"more difficult and slower to do . clear it to me , please !\n"},{"text":"css code must be shown so that easily understand the design....\n"},{"text":"You lost me at \"Up at the top of our workspace is the gear icon.\" What workspace? Thanks!!\n"},{"text":"Thanks for sharing this knowledge. I learnt a lot in an hour!\n"},{"text":"So the server knows how to sing 'Call Me Maybe' hahaha\n"},{"text":"This is great stuff right here!\n"},{"text":"This video does not emphasize enough that html is only used for document structure, not appearance. Yes it is mentioned a few times, like break break spacing (shudder), but new students of HTML should not even be told that tags like b and i exist. Using them is a very bad idea and the best way to break a bad habit is to never get them started on it. Likewise they should be warned never to use inline styles in actual production because it makes the long term maintenance of a site into a nightmare.\n"},{"text":"HTML is \"hate-mail\" with the vowels taken out. And if it's so universal, why can't I watch my favorite videos on YouTube without it? I used to be able to watch a lot of interesting things. But no more. YouTube's executives, who insist my poor (but functioning) computer has to have HTML5 without telling me what it is or how to get it, should have a serious curse placed on them. Or do they just get a kickback from the computer makers for selling me a more up-to-date computer?\n"},{"text":"Awesome!\n"},{"text":"I did all this as I tried to follow step by step and it doesnt work as I tried in Visual Studio code. I even jumped into Scrimba and doesnt work there either.\n"},{"text":"you are suppose to be teaching beginners, but if beginners can not do exactly what you do as they follow you, because you are hiding other kinds of code\n"},{"text":"i\n"},{"text":"i have a question on nesting... u link the html to the css then the background went blue. how come? u didnt do anything in the index.css\n"},{"text":"Is this full course\n"},{"text":"1. Get rid of distractions.\n"},{"text":"2. Set a schedule. \n"},{"text":"3. Clearly defined Milestones. - Having goals\n"},{"text":"4. Stay Consistent \n"},{"text":"That's a handsome man right there:)\n"},{"text":"Disagree. The key is black coffee.\n"},{"text":"Haha, drop looser friends. I like it.\n"},{"text":"the man the myth! D-money\n"},{"text":"Awesome look Dollan made it to the big time LOL 🤣\n"},{"text":"Congrats on having your video put on FreeCodeCamp \n"},{"text":"Your YouTube channel and live streams are great\n"},{"text":"Get rid of distractions. 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I just wait till the kids go to bed at night and work on it from 9pm-12am every night. I just have 0 social life anymore but its hard to do that with young kids anyways.\n"},{"text":"Where do get those cool Dev T shirts from Dylan?\n"},{"text":"yeah or focus, like what everyone has said already.\n"},{"text":"If you have youtube ?\n"},{"text":"Good info bro\n"},{"text":"Hey Dylan! So i'm trying to become a web dev! When i started i had no knowledge at all! After a few months on freecodecamp i started to learn a few things, but got stuck on java! Now that's hard to learn....and to be honest i need some motivation to keep going on...Any advice?\n"},{"text":"True👌\n"},{"text":"The road to becoming a developer is not a one-size-fits-all model. It this guy gave up on friendships, free time, and everything else, so he could reach success, it doesn't mean yous hould have to do the same. Everyone has their way of learning and getting to their goals. Take this guys advise with a grain of salt.\n"},{"text":"Audio and video are out of sync in Lecture 7.\n"},{"text":"Great video though!\n"},{"text":"Wow... Extremely well organized and presented and very clear and precise explanations. Thank you!\n"},{"text":"The flex-shrink, flex-grow, and flex-basis explanations and examples really helped. 26:00 for those that want to skip to that section.\n"},{"text":"alert(`Thanks for your video, freeCodeCamp`);\n"},{"text":"Thank you freecodecamp for doing this course as a video :)\n"},{"text":"This was really helpful, thank you! It was good to see how the grid moved with the different examples, which I hadn't quite understood when doing the exercises for the CSS Grid and Flexbox challenges. 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Thx a lot\n"},{"text":"Thanks a ton\n"},{"text":"doesn't work the same using ul li instead of divs\n"},{"text":"ال Flexbox::: هي تقنيه جديدة تجعل من السهل تصميم هيكل متجاوب responsive.\n"},{"text":"ولها عدة خصائص ولل item التي بداخلها خصائص ايضا خاصه بها....\n"},{"text":"بسيطه جدا :-\n"},{"text":"Hey, whta is this browser?\n"},{"text":"Man, sorry I even do not know your name, Big Big thanks to you, and a lots of prosperity for your unbelievably cool lessons!\n"},{"text":"You said there is lessons about CSS Grid, where I can find the link? Thanks in advance!\n"},{"text":"margin-right:auto not working\n"},{"text":"Heyyyiiiiiii to you too\n"},{"text":"what is the difference in justify-content: left or right; and justify-content: start or end;\n"},{"text":"You are the Best ,thank you very much\n"},{"text":"TQVM for this. It is well organised & presented. We are guided through the lesson examples with clear explanations and in an easy to understand manner. 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I need this for my upcoming project and its important. Please help me (see attached screenshots url i have uploaded) \n"},{"text":"Why don't your links to video work for freecodecamp.org? You should also let your students know to disable adblockers when doing lessons instead of wasting people's time trying to figure out why they can't go to the next lesson when they did it correctly. Very frustrating.\n"},{"text":"wunderbar\n"},{"text":"This is misleading. flex: 2 doesn't make the item twice as wide. It gets two times more of the increased size. Big difference\n"},{"text":"nice video\n"},{"text":"1. (0:01) - Your First Flexbox Layout\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"2. (1:57) - Main Axis and Cross Axis\n"},{"text":"3. (3:54) - Justify Content\n"},{"text":"4. (6:20) - Positioning Items\n"},{"text":"U are best\n"},{"text":"I am doing this in the freeCodeCamp now. Is it really that inportant? Seems a bit boring. However it was better than other parts of the course.\n"},{"text":"R.I.P. Bootstrap\n"},{"text":"For people having issues with images not fitting into the grid, Per somehow forgets to add that you need to apply the following properties to the img tag\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":".container > div > img {\n"},{"text":"0:01 1. Course Introduction\n"},{"text":"4:47 2. Your first grid\n"},{"text":"8:03 3. Fraction units and repeat\n"},{"text":"11:45 4. Positioning items\n"},{"text":"This is extremely eloquent. Thank you.\n"},{"text":"best Explanation and visual examples on CSS grid ever, ive been watching so many tutorials, but this one was Best from all of it. thank you so much for this tutorial, it really helped alot.\n"},{"text":"wow this is much better than bootstrap! Thank you very much.\n"},{"text":"SCRIMBA FTW :) Love you Per\n"},{"text":"Thank you, it is one of the best tutorials about css grid.\n"},{"text":"there's someone in there lost the damn ring...\n"},{"text":"Perfect tutorial! I want to click the like button ten times... 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I am doing some courses on Udemy, which cost around £10 each and you teach at least as well as the instructors there, so I recommend that you should become a Udemy instructor and earn from your amazing teaching ability.\n"},{"text":"I can't tell you how it makes me in love with CSS grid...maybe I might say goodbye for bootstrap. kkkkk\n"},{"text":"nice colors =)\n"},{"text":"best CSS grid tutorial , just finished.\n"},{"text":"it was awesome! thanks for sharing good contents!\n"},{"text":"Simply fantastic introduction to CSS Grid. Thank you.\n"},{"text":"wow like. this course is flawless doe\n"},{"text":"Quite possibly the best CSS Grid reference on Youtube.\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Thank you so much. ☺\n"},{"text":"I've seen couple tutorials about css grid but so far this one is the best.I was blown away with \"An awesome image grid\" part. I encourage everybody to check the course at scrimba.\n"},{"text":"\"Boom\" :))\n"},{"text":"Nice, tutorial. 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For true web scraping for such cases you need a tool like https://github.com/GoogleChrome/puppeteer\n"},{"text":"Message me I have paid project for right candidate I am not a programmer\n"},{"text":"I want to create a paid service for car dealers I want to scrape car offers from different websites and the client can search all this sites with 1 click on my Site....Is something like this legal without API ?\n"},{"text":"Very nice tutorial 🐦\n"},{"text":"Very well\n"},{"text":"I am having this error when I am trying to do npm install \n"},{"text":"Can anyone know why is this caused or how to solve this.\n"},{"text":"Help required\n"},{"text":"Beautiful voice, hard to concentrate =) but I'm trying\n"},{"text":"Thanks, I can't wait to watch it. I was looking for good Angular videos\n"},{"text":"I am unable to see the items i create on the screen :(\n"},{"text":"Nice tutorial, Eleftheria. 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So in other words to make it in this field you will have to 1) be really really good, efficient, great sales and communication skills, etc. and 2) be willing to starve for the first couple of years until you build up your clientele and further sharpen your programming and your sales skills. Good luck!\n"},{"text":"Guy looks like jon stewart\n"},{"text":"Everyone says people are cheap and don't want to shell out the cash, but you can see the ones where businesses have scrimped on web pages from a mile away.\n"},{"text":"can i hit like 200x?\n"},{"text":"No small business is gonna drop $3000 for a website with all the do it yourself cms softwares out there.\n"},{"text":"You are not a coder, you are a problem solver.\n"},{"text":"Thanks Luke! One Question: Is an S-Corp still worth it if only make $10K or less freelancing?\n"},{"text":"Great video, saved for future reference!\n"},{"text":"Great video! 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If you could clarify about how do you purchase health insurance that would really helpful.. thanks again\n"},{"text":"IF you want to make informative tutorials.. try making components in order and testing them as you go instead of building the whole app backwards and never running or testing your code once until the end.. no one develops like this.. so in that instance this is a horrible tutorial\n"},{"text":"This is a great tutorial on how to debug an application\n"},{"text":"Since you're using pure ES6 syntax, I would highly suggest you to prefer [...state, newMessage] instead of state.concat().\n"},{"text":"OMG! I just had to create a chat for my final project and followed an outdated tutorial unsuccessfully, and then this link from FreeCodeCamp drops in my inbox. Is this a gift? A coincidence? Ah-mazing. 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You'll start to notice that the windows you're closing do not match the user who opened it.\n"},{"text":"You need to slow down.. this isnt a tutorial its a \"watch me code this chat app\"\n"},{"text":"That's a good beginner app. You taught it very well! :))\n"},{"text":"Nice hands-on tutorial, but I guess you need to know about React, Redux, Web Sockets beforehand. \n"},{"text":"In my case, I don't know Web Socket so it's hard to understand that part of tutorial.\n"},{"text":"thanks Beau, great tutorial and explanation. If I may can you create one for react native which connects to backend (preferably using Mongo DB)?\n"},{"text":"the most buggy tutorial I have ever seen\n"},{"text":"Can someone explain lines 17 and 18 at 30:26\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"What is the ref for? What is that node? Why was node used there?Thanks :)\n"},{"text":"When I try to run Yarn start I get Command not found, am I using a wrong version of Node or am I missing something?\n"},{"text":"Great video. 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This is not a tutorial at all, it's more of an \"I read someone's code and I type blindfolded\" for a lot of users.\n"},{"text":"this video is helpful (thanks for making it), but there were far too many items that were 'glossed over' for it to be a game-changer. also, I agree with the other commenters who say the lesson lacks cohesion...it would have been far more beneficial to provide some basic diagrams early on in the video that could illustrate the basic structure of this Redux app...in other words, where's the '20,000 foot view' to anchor our understanding? instead, we feel like you are working on a puzzle as fast as you can after someone scattered the pieces of it all over the room. I had some other minor points to quibble, but I don't feel right about it because you seem so gol-darn nice.\n"},{"text":"Really useful, thanks!\n"},{"text":"React with MOBX tutorial please\n"},{"text":"Nice. What're your sublime settings? What packages do you have installed other than sidebar-enhancements? Do you have a settings sync gist with your sublime setup?\n"},{"text":"Beau!! Beau!! Beau!!\n"},{"text":"In the last section of the tutorial that deals with web sockets, how come the client never sends an ADD_USER call to the server before it starts sending messages? Also, shouldn't the server send a users list to each new client at connection time? The app appears to be working for you in the end, which is really surprising considering what I've mentioned.\n"},{"text":"getting error: WebSocket connection to 'wss://localhost:8989/' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED\n"},{"text":"If this is Sublime Text, how you can set a folder/files list in left of screen in Sublime's settings?\n"},{"text":"special guest at 37:10\n"},{"text":"Now, any direction on making this work with actual users instead of Chance?\n"},{"text":"what is the equivalent of 'sudo chmod 0777 ./server/app.js' in windows?\n"},{"text":"Merry Christmas,Sir.\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"When we type in a text box (belonging to an input tag), the browser shows up what we have\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"typed immediately( in the same box), without rerendering ( in React terms).\n"},{"text":"Just a link ( or a hint) for more\n"},{"text":"15:13 code is wrong.\n"},{"text":"nextUserId is a const. One cannot perform the nextUserId++ operation.\n"},{"text":"I have clone this repo but am getting users is undef where is it loaded?\n"},{"text":"go in sockets/index.js, then in socket.onmessage(),then in switch() delete the whole case types.ADD_USER-\n"},{"text":"the chat still works.\n"},{"text":"can anyone explain to me why there is no onChange=\"do something while typing \" \n"},{"text":"how is the text updating in the view while you are typing? 49:16\n"},{"text":"Way cool.\n"},{"text":"great job\n"},{"text":"You so f**g fast.. it would be better if you would stop, save all work, show that all still works. So, divide to logical parts.\n"},{"text":"Helpful learning experience trying to follow this. It appears to compile OK for me, but I'm getting WebSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:8989/' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in the development tools console. I think at one point everything came together and sort of worked. I think he got Chance to put random users by refreshing the page on localhost:3000. That only worked once for me, then never able to do it again. Unfortunately, flavio is impossible to reach and this project no longer even exists on his website. Would it be useful to post questions on this at the FCC community forum?\n"},{"text":"Nice bro\n"},{"text":"didnt work :|\n"},{"text":"how to add firebase to this chat?\n"},{"text":"i have some problem\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Sidebar.PropTypes = {\n"},{"text":"Hey bro, what text editor you use and what theme?\n"},{"text":"Thanks\n"},{"text":"Nice job.\n"},{"text":"thanks its a great tutorial..\n"},{"text":"someone more having this problem? \"Warning: Failed prop type: The prop `dispatch` is marked as required in `AddMessage`, but its value is `undefined`.\n"},{"text":" in AddMessage (at Chat.js:28)\n"},{"text":" in ChatTab (at routes.js:32)\n"},{"text":"The teacher's keyboard usage is very frustrating.\n"},{"text":"Typing all the prebuilt app on the screen is not what developers do. Especially importing the non existing components beforehand is super confusing for learners, who are also beginners.\n"},{"text":"awesome tutorial:D\n"},{"text":"Hey, can someone help me with my issue? Server-side's node app.js command is not working for me. It basically does nothing, just freezes without any errors. It means that my websocket server is not running :/\n"},{"text":"Lost me on the first line of code. What programme has \"arrow chat\" as a prompt? Looks like something out of the '80s! Can I do this on a modern MacBook Pro?\n"},{"text":"Nice\n"},{"text":"Why socket.io? Why no middleware? Skipped...\n"},{"text":"You got the knowledge, but the way you teaching is horrible what a waste\n"},{"text":"worthless\n"},{"text":"Being a beginner who wants to learn the command line this video was really helpful!! Until now I didn't even know where to start looking. Thanks!\n"},{"text":"Hi, Briana! Thank you for your new tutorial:)\n"},{"text":" Great work! :)\n"},{"text":"If anybody wants to dive a bit deeper, Michael Hartl's \"Learn Enough Command Line to be Dangerous\" I found to be easy to follow as a beginner, and very helpful.\n"},{"text":"Freecodecamp/ Briana, thank you for creating this. I am getting back into linux after many years and this is really helpful as a refresher. Your speed of delivery is perfect and I'm sure you've been refining your style over the last 3 years. One comment for others who review this material.... When you ran your good-morning script, the error you saw was \"command not found\". You stated the reason as a file permissions issue, but that's not accurate. If you had told the script from where to run the executable from: ./good-morning\" , you would have seen a \"permission denied\" error. The the file permissions issue would be the cause of a \"permission denied\" error, not a \"command not found error\". The \"command not found\" error was resolved by prepending the ./ . I get why that fixed it, but without the dot-slash, is there a default directory or path that linux is looking to run the command from? Where is default search path defined and is it editable?\n"},{"text":"THANK YOU BRIANA! This is the best command line tutorial - you made it really easy to understand!\n"},{"text":"Nice tutorial. BTW, I love how well you type!\n"},{"text":"I really enjoy this quick tutorial about the basics on bash still working my way to fully understand the terminal. Thank you!!!\n"},{"text":"Thank's, love it!\n"},{"text":"if briana's gonna teach me programming then i can finish python in 2 days\n"},{"text":"You are a good person! You genuinely want to help others learn! Thank you for being a good person.\n"},{"text":"Briana, you are awesome!\n"},{"text":"Nice tutorial Brianna! However I hope there is another following video ,because this one is Not Bash .\n"},{"text":"\"vi doesn't behave-- like you think\"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"I wonder how many people you just saved from closing their terminals :)\n"},{"text":"Please make videos in Linux and other fields.\n"},{"text":"This is quite helpful. Now I am no more a beginner. Thanks :)\n"},{"text":"Thanks for the information. Was directed to specifically learn BASH\n"},{"text":"I feel a lot more comfortable with bash after this. Awesome!\n"},{"text":"where are all the links mentioned in the video?\n"},{"text":"Thx I tweeted this\n"},{"text":"Really helpful video, thank you!\n"},{"text":"THANK YOU BRIANA!\n"},{"text":"The video was perfect until black screen revealed at 18:20. 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Also, stay off Windows, especially version 10.\n"},{"text":"This has NOTHING to do with Bash...\n"},{"text":"Gilfoyle, what happened to you?\n"},{"text":"22:30 at that point I get the error `db.collection is not a function`. It seems a few things are different with MongoDB Atlas, since mLab doesn't work as presented in the video anymore.\n"},{"text":"Post-\"Mon\", lol. Thanks for the tutorial.\n"},{"text":"6:00 Postman chrome extension is deprecated.\n"},{"text":"I like to separate routes from logic inside it, akka controllers.\n"},{"text":"Thank you for the help, getting started with a self-hosted music server project.\n"},{"text":"I have an error: \"cannot find module '.app/route'\n"},{"text":"Can someone help me out with a learning route as I have only worked frontend and now I want to become a full stack\n"},{"text":"love your content man - thank you for taking the time out of your day to teach us this stuff!\n"},{"text":"14:56 Can no longer create a mLab account. The site recommends using MongoDB Atlas.\n"},{"text":"1:40 GitLab has Node Express template to initialize a project.\n"},{"text":"Thank you, it was so helpful to build my first api as a non-developer ! With mongoDB cloud atlas and. the trick db.db('database').collection\n"},{"text":"in new versions of mongodb you must use db.db().collection(etc...\n"},{"text":"Great tutorial, Beau!\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Also, what theme do you have for your terminal? I love the font and colors.\n"},{"text":"awesome REST API tutorial...!!! thank you for ending my searching here...!!\n"},{"text":"Carnes Beau, great video. Thank you for making it. For all those watching the video in 2018, downgrade your mongodb installation in package.json to ^2.2.33. Otherwise, you will get an error: \"db.collection is not a function\". Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47662220/db-collection-is-not-a-function-when-using-mongoclient-v3-0\n"},{"text":"the latest version of mongodb v 3.0.0-rc0 doesn't work with this tutorial. Will receive db.collection is not a function. Found this solution by Yaxartes. Resolved the issue for me https://stackoverflow.com/a/47662374/9058774\n"},{"text":"Sweet! Thanks!\n"},{"text":"That was amazing. Thank you!\n"},{"text":"cool stuff! :beer:\n"},{"text":"Welcome beau\n"},{"text":"Best Tutorial on this topic so far. I find that you are using a very good approach on showing the error and then the solution to it, and the explanation on why did this error happen. Thank's again sir and keep on doing this great work. Greetz from BE\n"},{"text":"Thanks man great tutorial, just an FYI in the year 2020 after MongoDb version 3 was released the database connection doesn't return a database object it returns a client object and as a sub-object to the client object you can access the database object so now if you want to indicate a collection it's client.db('notes').\n"},{"text":"YEEESSS!!!! YOU RULE\n"},{"text":"I got this from Postman: \"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"Thank u for this awesome video\n"},{"text":"Thank you for your tutorial, how can we implement NodeJS- base API which will give the results of an SNMP poll of a remote server, having snmp community string, snmp OID1 and snmp OID2, remote server IP any address with port 161, Thanks\n"},{"text":"Best REST API tutorial on Youtube!!!\n"},{"text":"to anyone get TypeError: db.collection is not a function\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"try \n"},{"text":"npm uninstall mongodb --save\n"},{"text":"Can you please make tutorial, teaching how to install and use angular-filesmanager node js app ?\n"},{"text":"https://www.npmjs.com/package/@rign/angular2-filemanager\n"},{"text":"Please I really need help\n"},{"text":"thank you for the tutorial, mLab is no longer accepting new customers and redirects to mongoDb Atlas. could you tell how to proceed to create the db since I could not find the same menus on this new platform?otherwise, is it possible to create the db through the terminal? thank you very much for your answer\n"},{"text":"What about using mongoose? You can avoid a lot of boilerplate and improve maintenance of the app.\n"},{"text":"If you are having issues with mongodb, as Beau mentioned in the notes: \"NOTE: For this to work correctly, you must use the same version of mongodb. Your package.json file should say: \"mongodb\": \"^2.2.33\"\"\n"},{"text":"most of the time you don't decide on which port the app should listen on. It shouldn't set as a const, but with app.set('port', process.env.port, yourDevPort), then the app listen on app.get('port'). \n"},{"text":"With your version of express, 4.16, body-parser is already included in express, with express.json and express.urlencoded.\n"},{"text":"For the routes, the folder structure maybe nice but passing the app as argument to each route along with the dbconnection instance is absolutly useless, you should create a Router instance for each Route module and require the dbConnection instance when needed.\n"},{"text":"Guys IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS! Instead of Using Touch Command to create a new file in the routes directory you instead use NUL > name.js\n"},{"text":"@freeCodeCamp.org what would be the natural follow-up to this introduction?\n"},{"text":"I'm sending hello in Postman but I keep getting unexpected <'H' error all the time.Please help\n"},{"text":"thanks man!\n"},{"text":"Great tutorial! :)))))))\n"},{"text":"nice one, thanks mate !\n"},{"text":"Great demo , thanks for sharing\n"},{"text":"NB in note_routes.js use \n"},{"text":"db.db().collection('notes').insert(note, (err, result) => {.... \n"},{"text":"for newer versions of mongo >= 4.0.0\n"},{"text":"and in server.js use\n"},{"text":"Thanks! Great video! Keep up the good work.\n"},{"text":"On the \"db.collection is not a function\" error. Maybe a Guru could get a better solution.\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"MongoClient.connect(db.url, (err, database) => {\n"},{"text":" const myDB = database.db('') \n"},{"text":"if i use latest version of mongoose (v5 ?) in dependencies and latest driver 3.0 above, rest of the codes the same. Will it still work?? (currently using 2.2.33, driver 2.2.12 or later....)\n"},{"text":"Thanks! how to change the id in Mlab to be a normal integer?\n"},{"text":"Now Mlab has been closed for new user, what are the alternatives?\n"},{"text":"You may run into an issue where you go from getting 'undefined' for req.body to getting an empty object '{}' - by default Postman seems to send data as form-data - but switching to x-www-form-urlencoded in Postman will give you a populated object.\n"},{"text":"Great video!! Keep it up!!\n"},{"text":"great ...that is helpful\n"},{"text":"Hi guys, I'm getting this error on postman each time I make a get request from my database. The POST Method works fine.\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"I can't follow why??\n"},{"text":"This is one ME(A)N tutorial :D\n"},{"text":"outdated, doesn't work atall..\n"},{"text":"I am trying to read MongoDB docs (I am a newbie), it says it is not possible to downgrade from MongoDB 3.x to anything lower than 2.6...can somebody confirm this and tell me I should just find another tutorial?\n"},{"text":"great video!\n"},{"text":"Roger Harrington? is that you?\n"},{"text":"What about stylising the the returned data? And also using other the other verbs?\n"},{"text":"Very interesting stuff yea yea\n"},{"text":"I copied the solution you provided buy I'm having error with the mongodb maybe a localhost mongodb ? Thanks\n"},{"text":"Amazing\n"},{"text":"please ... :)\n"},{"text":"echo \"node_modules\" >> /path/to/fcc-project-tutorials/notable/.gitignore\n"},{"text":"This may help people who are stuck, I had to actually downgrade my mongodb version\n"},{"text":"https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43779323/typeerror-db-collection-is-not-a-function\n"},{"text":"What terminal do you use\n"},{"text":"Are there any rules to set the post number? I've changed 8000 to 3000 and sent the data from Postman, then the Node prompet didn't response.\n"},{"text":"Very Helpfull\n"},{"text":"SAILS.JS or ADONIS.JS api please with jwt auth\n"},{"text":"Hello future Gilfoyle\n"},{"text":"As of February 2019, mLab does not allow you to create a new account and log in to that account. Instead, you have to use MongoDB Atlas. How can I get my URL from there?\n"},{"text":"To get all notes in result, use:\n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"app.get('/notes', (req, res) => {\n"},{"text":" db.collection('notes').find({}).toArray(function (err, result) {\n"},{"text":"Getting this error on Postman \n"},{"text":"\n"},{"text":"TypeError: db.collection is not a function\n"},{"text":" at app.post (C:\\Vijay Details\\Node\\noteable\\app\\routes\\node_routes.js:4:10)\n"},{"text":"db.collection is not a function. Can someone advise\n"},{"text":"For those of you with nodemon issues (Windows 10), namely, \"bash: nodemon: command not found\", install the latest nodemon and that should solve it. Here's the link: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46505121/bash-nodemon-command-not-found-windows-10\n"},{"text":"Your entire app is based on using a webservice that you do not explain at all. Even using your git hub code it does not work because there is something wrong with Postman.\n"},{"text":"oh come on man.. you call this teaching?\n"},{"text":"Vdeo not clear\n"},{"text":"What's that groovy ass beat in the background\n"},{"text":"You make it seem so simple. Could you also explain how integrate a chat bot only on an app?\n"},{"text":"I am inspired!\n"},{"text":"Cool stuff. Shout out from Malaysia\n"},{"text":"Music was too loud, acoustics + music make it hard to hear you, rethink your production maybe.\n"},{"text":"thanks for sharing and making video, but background sound is really annoying.\n"},{"text":"come to the point...\n"},{"text":"All of these were made through JavaScript-FCC knowledge-javascript?!?\n"},{"text":"nice web page...http://www.artchatbot.com/ ο,τι να ναι\n"},{"text":"Just my two cents, write a plan ahead of filming to keep on track and avoid too much repetition, redundancy is necessary but not to that length, it is problematic to have a speaker that keeps rambling around \"interest\" \"feedback\". Use visual cues and breadcrumbs, and create steps through musical build up and sequencing rather than blurt out a background repetitive loop. Form and presentation matter, especially in chatbot\n"},{"text":"Thank you for sharing all this knowledge. Its awesome, and to hear how you have utilized all these platforms to run your product so successfully is giving me hope. You rock.\n"},{"text":"What was your average cost per month, on the platform plus these plugins and what problems did you have to overcome ? \n"},{"text":"how did you solve these problems ?\n"},{"text":"Cool video!\n"},{"text":"All of this knowledge was after completing FCC certificates?!?\n"},{"text":"He’s dropping too much game...thanks for the video\n"},{"text":"get headache from so much information, it is so clear that it becomes unclear. hyrogrous language, does it take a long time to master wordpress? Where can i begin !\n"},{"text":"Thanks for this. Couple Qs - how does Slack notify you when someone has subscribed but not created a listing? And can you redo this video for your use with Flex? Cheers (from down under Aus)\n"},{"text":"Question: When a user chooses a subscription and pays thru chargebee how do you determine what access they have?\n"},{"text":"This is awesome man. Do you have any further walkthroughs how you were able to integrate your Wordpress landing page and Sharetribe? I noticed the footers are the same. I just learned HTML and CSS, so I'm wondering how I can use the custom script in sharetribe to lower the radius of the buttons.\n"},{"text":"How did you connect all these tools to Slack?\n"},{"text":"Great stuff mike. Can you make a video about Sharetribe? Thanks bro\n"},{"text":"How did you then develop the mobile apps? Can users rate studios and vice versa? How much coding knowledge do you have?\n"},{"text":"Hi Mike, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Which hosting provider did you choose for Wordpress and what theme did you use to integrate with sharetribe? Do you have some further info or link that you can provide into this integration component? 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As you eluded to towards the end, the challenge of how to present the buyer with the quality of the studio could be a challenge initially. but as in the Airbnb market, quality will eventually show itself through customer comments, price and to a certain degree description of equipment and recording environment. I see you have Studio's broken down by type which is a good start. Eventually, you may want to also have search options for specific gear/technologies or specific environmental requirements. I have have a few more important ideas for you to consider in the future if you wish to discuss offline.\n"},{"text":"Would be awesome to hear how did you manage to generate more demand in a marketplace!!!\n"},{"text":"Yepp pls talk on sharetribe.\n"},{"text":"Hello mate. How did you create an entirely different design from the sharetribe platform?\n"},{"text":"Thank you so much for sharing...... 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Is this share tribe service similar to Shopify?\n"},{"text":"is he a mii?\n"},{"text":"Do tell about sharetribe.com\n"},{"text":"Go eat something!\n"},{"text":"Awesome, I though this gonna be harder than a React-Redux application, this was helpful bro thanks for your time.\n"},{"text":"Thank you! I've been trying hard to get my head around Redux for a while and how to properly implement it in an Angular app because there seem to be so many different ways one can do that. Just looking at the Redux documentation it is not immediately apparent how to use it with Angular and there is so many videos that show different approaches. Thanks to your video I finally had my heureka moment! :D Also thank you TypeScript and intellisense! :D\n"},{"text":"Thanks a lot, I hope the next project is Angular and GraphQL, :)\n"},{"text":"would you please mention the IDE or the toolkit for every language for future videos please in the description ? by the Way excellent Job & Good luck for everyone there. Keep it up !\n"},{"text":"Is that the default theme?\n"},{"text":"I'll like to add that Facebook didn't create Redux, but was inspired by their flux state management which was designed by Facebook, Redux was designed by Dan Abramov and Andrew Clark, and very much inspired by functional programming, one of the main influences was Elm.\n"},{"text":"You are the only developer I guess that uses sans serif font.\n"},{"text":"Great work Jennifer, very informative.\n"},{"text":"Thaaanks a lot Jeniifer :) we appreciate time u spent to create this series, thank u for sharing with us your knowledge :))\n"},{"text":"Thank you, Jennifer! Looking forward to seeing you at WWC-ATL meetup(s).\n"},{"text":"This is gre